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Commisioned work / Simple Portrait

30 EUR

Do you want a portrait of yourself, like the girls in "Fuck your beauty Standards #1, Beauty has no size"?
You can have it, of course!!

Here's how, you buy this product and send to my e-mail victoriartwork@gmail.com the photo you want to get illustrated and tell me your favourite color (pink, blue, green...)

In a few days I will send a jpg (or other format you want), it's your illustration in high quality!! ♥
If you want something special with it, tell me, but needs to be simple (hearts, flowers, a phrase) 

Let's have fun!

¿Quieres un retrato de ti mismo, como las chicas de "Fuck your beauty Standards #1, Beauty has no size"? ? ¡Puedes tenerlo, por supuesto!
Compra este producto y envía a mi correo electrónico victoriartwork@gmail.com una foto tuya que te guste y dime tu color favorito (rosa, azul, verde...) En unos días te enviaré un jpg (u otro formato que desees),  ¡¡Es tu ilustración!!

♥ Si quieres algo especial dibujado, dímelo, pero tiene que ser simple (corazones, flores, un símbolo, una frase).

¡Vamos a divertirnos! ♥♥♥


My name is Victoria Ripalda Tamame. I'm a freelance artist/illustrator/designer from Spain. I work mixing  traditional and digital techniques.

You can also follow me or see my work (and other stuff) at:

-Thank you! ♥